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Services Provided:

Individual Therapy:

The scope of my practice includes training and experience with treating most mental health struggles including the following:



Bipolar/Mood Disorder

Trauma & PTSD

Acute Stress        


Poor Tolerance to Stress

Nervous System Healing

Addiction & Recovery

Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns or Attachment/Co-dependency Themes

Self Esteem & Body Image Issues

Relationship or Family Conflict

Sexuality & Gender Identity

Existential Struggle


Wellness Therapy:

My holistic/Integrative framework can work with individuals suffering from chronic pain, chronic medical issues, or stress sensitive conditions.   For many individuals emotional health and physical health cannot be separated and my treatment interventions can work to improve your specific long term health outcomes, manage medical based trauma, provide an alternative form of pain management through mindfulness and meditation, or more effectively manage the depression and anxiety that can originate from chronic health struggles. 

Couples Counseling:

I believe that healthy relationships are core to healthy individual psychology.  Relationships are difficult to navigate and many of us grew up lacking the blueprints or role models to learn healthy relationship skills.  I can help with the following struggles:

Communication Issues

Healing from Infidelity

Alternatives to Monogamy (Polyamoury or open relationships)

Family of Origin Issues

Sexual Intimacy Issues


Eye Movement Desensitization Re-Processing (EMDR):

I am trained in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization Re-Processing (EMDR) which is a specific type of treatment designed to release stuck emotions and traumatic memories.  EMDR is a highly researched and validated form of treatment.  The basis of why EMDR works is not entirely conceptualized but it is believed that EMDR helps to “unlock” the nervous system and to release distressing emotions associated with a traumatic experience, negative self identity struggles, attachment traumas, complex PTSD, or fears or phobias.

EMDR in its original form relied on guided eye movements in coordination with bilateral stimulation.  The style of EMDR that I currently practice uses tactile bilateral stimulation using a handheld vibrating or “tapper” device.  Bilateral stimulation is rhythmic and repetitive left and right stimulation and is believed to mimic the REM sleep cycle and possibly to create a mildly hypnotic experience.  EMDR also incorporates positive mental reframes and  somatic or "bottom up" processing for the Nervous System.

EMDR is often used in combination with traditional talk therapy but can also be used as short term trauma resolution where an individual attends a short series of highly focused sessions. 

Trauma/Tension Release Exercises (TRE):

I am certified in Trauma/Tension Release Exercises or TRE.  TRE is a somatic body based practice where a series of guided physical exercises elicit a stress release system in the body through physical tremoring or shaking.  The exercises are not strenuous and can be accessible or modified for most individuals.  Although the tremors or shaking in the body may look strange, most individuals find this practice to be soothing and calming and like a different form of meditation and self regulation.  TRE can be conceptualized as a somatic practice that complete "stress cycles" in the body in order to bring about deeper emotional and physical release

TRE can be used in combination with traditional talk therapy in order to release "stuck" emotions in the body related to Trauma or chronic stress. 


Psychotherapy services can be accessed through health insurance plans if you reside in the state of Connecticut.  Some specific services such as TRE cannot be paid for using health insurance plans at this time.  Jessica Giordano, LMFT, LADC is networked with most major health insurance plans including Aetna,  United Behavioral Health, Oxford, and Husky.  Please contact her for specific inquiries.


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